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Lincoln High School, Seattle, Washington

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Welcome to the official website of the Lincoln Lynx Alumni Association, the alumni organization of Lincoln High School in Seattle, Washington. Even though the school closed in 1981, the building is alive. The LLAA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and annually awards scholarships to a number of outstanding high school graduates. The Lincoln Lynx Alumni Association has roots going back to 1910. Membership in the LLAA is open to any person who attended Lincoln as a student, staff, or faculty member. The LLAA has a scholarship program for lineal descendants of Lincoln graduates, promotes and preserves the history of the school, and has events and programs to strengthen the bonds between its members and the community. The Totem II newspaper, published three times a year, strives to reconnect and encourages contact of members. To submit an article or news, click on "Contact Us". Past activities sponsored by the alumni groups have included an open house held at our school, T-Day (our Traditions Day celebrated in February) and a car show across from Dick's Drive-In on 45th We have also participated in the annual Wallingford Kiddies Parade held annually in July. Every year in the spring or early summer, the Annual Luncheon is held to bring together all classes, to share in the memories, and to promote the spirit of Lincoln High School. You can find information about upcoming events in this website. There are always volunteer opportunities in LLAA. Go to the "Contact Us" page and we'll get you involved! We hope you will join the association. We know you will enjoy being a part of the Lincoln family!!

Lincoln High School Plans to Reopen 2019

Time: September 2016 School Board to approve total budget (approximately $19-$20M) Appoint Project Manager to hire consultants 2016 Design 2017-2018 Construction 2018-1019 Open as High School 2019 Cost: Maximum Allowable Construction Cost (MACC) guesstimate of two thirds ($13M) Fees and other costs associated (design, printing, construction management, design management, permits etc.) guesstimate of one third ($7M) Who: Seattle Public Schools has an abundance of information about all their projects. Check it out. Seattle Public Schools Website Our appointed liaison for our Association and Seattle Public Schools is John Warnick. You may reach him at Jmwarnick70@aol.com or 425 787-3077.

2016 Class Reunions

Planning has started for 2016 reunions. See the Reunions page for more details.